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Originally Posted by 30Bones View Post
I absolutely hated the DRZ after coming from an uncorked Husky 610.

I want to ride a WRR this spring and see if it speaks to me, if so I will begin a hunt for a lightly used and farkled unit.
I came from a 610 w/power up kit to the WR. I'm really enjoying the WR. The only thing I miss about the 610 is the power. The WR will never compare in that department, but for a 250 it has decent power, and I think it's a great bike.

Originally Posted by duanew1 View Post
I just traded my street bike for a TE610 with an extra set of sumo wheels. I must say that time will tell which bike I will love the most between the WR250R and the TE610. The weight is not that much different, but the power is. It takes a little more discipline with the throttle hand. I know that the WR has plenty of power to get me anywhere off road except a quick loft of the front wheel to get over an obstacle (or maybe I have not figured it out yet). I have not really rode the TE that much yet because I have discovered some major subframe issues. I think I will slightly miss the "reliable as a rock" (except the chain slider issues) of the WR. Time will tell but the WR is not going to be sold anytime soon.
While the weight of the two bikes isn't that much different on paper, my WR feels much lighter than my 610 did. I think the difference is around 50-60 lbs., but it feels like 100lbs. I'm enjoying the ligher weight, although the heavier 610 was definitely better in windy conditions.
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