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Lost an Engine Saturday

Long Post follows. The names have been changed to protect-- well, me. Timmy- Copilot, Terry- Crewchief
The language may be offensive, my grammer worse, and parts of this may or may not have actually happened. Enough of

On January 5, 2013 we were flying an EC 145 doing Hoist training with local firefighters. We were going to do a 300ft hoist at the LZ to reset it prior to doing live lifts. On final to the LZ at approximately 30KTS and 400FT, we were slowing down and descending. Terry announced that he was going to open the R/H cargo door. Moments prior to him opening the door, the #1 ENG OUT light appeared with the following indications (N1=0, Oil pressure= 0, Oil temp= 70, TGT approximately 500 and descending, TQ=0). I knew we were fawked.

Timmy asked if ”I did that”. Hell no was my reply. Really dude, was my thoughts, why the fawk would I shut an engine down on myself on final. Really, I’m not little E (inside story). Then Timmy starts nagging on me like my wife which starts a catfight between us. So we’re going at it like two squirrels when Terry pops his head in and slaps the shit outta Timmy and said this shit just got real-Get to work. In utter amazement the following ensued.
Timmy announced that the #1 Eng just died. No shit. Like a boss, I lowered the nose to gain single engine airspeed and prayed don’t fail me now sweet gods of rotor speed. I pushed the rotor to max while searching for a landing spot. I turned left to avoid the populated areas (neighborhoods, hotels, park, liquor stores and what not) and align with the beach for a possible autorotation and bikini scope since the cause of Eng failure was unknown. No dice, it’s cold out no bikinis.

Timmy slowly rotated the # 1 Eng to idle checking for any indication and then performed a single eng emergency shutdown like he was the man. I begged him to call over the 800 operation freq and the firefighters below that we were about to die due to an eng failure and shit. He simultaneously put the nearest airport in the GPS and selected a direct course for it. Of course he did.
During his estrogen fueled hysteria,Timmy while knob dicking with the radios stranded me from the only professionals I could possibly rely on for the duration of the emergency, the crew chiefs. This unnecessary finger fawking of my avionics control panel isolated me, placing the entire weight of this life or death situation on my undersized shoulders.
I focused on keeping the A/C at a good autorotation speed and tried to gain altitude to the nearest airport expecting a loss of the #2 engine because who the fawk knows why the other one quit. Timmy backed us up on the checklist like we supposed ta while the crewchiefs were announcing that they had secured the cabin and themselves. Timmy announced an emergency on the local CTAF to clear the general aviation airplanes. It went like this. Holy shit we going down, get the fawk outta the way.

There were 2 trainers in the pattern, 1 fawkin around on the runway, and 1 doing who knows what on the taxiway. I then announced that I would try to prevent any further damage by minimizing the run on landing distance and hover if possible- not easy- we were heavy. On final to the airport at 3 feet and max transient tq, we were able to continue forward IGE flight to a safe parking area away from the other planes and did a better landing than our CPT with 2 Engines.

So we get down with the only injuries being my knuckles from a fist bump.

Then Monday, my Willys' fan decided to exit through the radiator. I am down to a DR650 or a Ural that I just rejetted and haven't ridden since. I am typing this with oven mitts and a helmet.

Hope you enjoyed

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