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Originally Posted by 1LIFE2LIVE View Post
Curious if anyone has done the calculations or if there is a source to determine at what point you break even and start getting into the money vs. a gas vehicle?

Locally, unleaded gas is at $ 3.17/gallon and diesel @ $3.99/gallon. I like diesels, just when crunching the numbers it doesn't seem to make economic sense to pay the premium to purchase the diesel along with the added cost of fuel.
that's easy enough for the fuel itself. at those prices, diesel is 25.8% more expensive than gas, so you'd need to get 25.8% better mileage to break even on fuel; so at those prices, if you're comparing a gas car that gets 30mpg, you'd need to get 37.7mpg on diesel. make sure you're comparing apples - apples w/ regards to gas prices (i.e. if the gas car you're looking at requires premium, take that into account vs using prices for regular).

if you want to factor in purchase price, you'd need to realize savings from the difference in mileage, and see if it offsets the added purchase price.
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