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Originally Posted by Morinite View Post
Hi everyone, thank you for your replies. The main reason i wanted to get at least 100 kph is because i live on the Canadian prairies and most everything that is paved here is as flat as tabletop. The highways can get pretty crazy with tailgaters and motorhomes, RV's etc..i need to pass at times to keep clear. Don't get me wrong slow is good for the fun factor. I still want to get a patrol with all those options and go for broke. I'm competant with wrenches as i am a KLR owner. My wife does support this purchase but i must sell the thumper first. Last question, are there any Ural clubs out there?

Thanks again
For the dirt back farm roads a Ural would be great but for a hwy prairie schooner rig I'd pass. If you're crusing along at 100kph and decide to pass a motorhome etc. make "sure" of your traffic situation waaay down the road then kick back, light a smoke and go for it but expect you may be in Saskatchewan before you get around the RV. Passing vehicles on the hwy is NOT a Urals strong point. I've crossed the Canadian great plains on a 2 wheeler but can't imagine even attempting it on my Ural. I also don't like running a bike fully maxed out wound up tighter than a guitar string for miles and miles. These bike are NOT built for that duty. For your use and safety I'd go with an oilhead BMW like a R1200GS and add a chair. Gonna be a lot more expense but you'll survive to tell the tale. For your intended Ural hwy use I think eventually you'll find yourself in a situation you can't get out of gracefully.
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