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Originally Posted by eric1514 View Post
Hi folks,

2 questions about DE stuff, if you please.

1) Is there much difference in a $20 Chinese handle vs. a $60 European or is it more of a pride-of-ownership thing?

2) When you're done shaving, do you have to open up the action on the handle to let things dry or will everything be OK if it just sits out on the counter?

1-Like I told a guy who was on a rant about "the Ducati illusion" and how his Honda was every bit the bike any Ducati was: Giorgio Armani and men's wear house both make suits, if the Giorgio Armani doesn't do something for you, go with the men's wear house.
I notice a little bit of difference between my Tavel razor and one I found in an antique store with an identical design. IMO it's due to the fact the chrome finish on the bit that meets your face is a tiny bit pitted on the antique causing it to drag.

2-when I finish shaving I open the razor up s little bit and rinse it out to get the soap/stubble spooge off the underside of the blade, then I re-tighten it and side. FWIW, you wanna make sure you re-tighten it. DAMHIK
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