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Originally Posted by CreatureCore View Post
The design on the collar catch was never that great on the rev'it products. It's done a lot better on the teiz products. What really bothers me about the new rev'it products is they stopped using cordura. So they went to a cheaper material yet the new suit I think costs more then the original.

For a cheaper price you can get a teiz navigator jacket with better venting, cordura, superfabric, full sastech armor including the back pad, and the better thermal liner. Then invest 100 into a Gore-tex paclite shell on ebay and not only are you dry when you arrive somewhere but so is your jacket.

Even teknic is using cordura in their sprint jacket and selling it for a cheaper price then rev'it is selling this jacket with cheaper materials.

The original rev'it dragon jacket was a great deal with good materials and that was their low end jacket. Now that jacket had better materials then their current mid teir sand.
Jeez, I guess I'll step in here. About the collar catch.....I don't know why you aren't satisfied with it, as there are a lot of riders here and elsewhere that are happy with it. Actually, the inspiration of the collar catch was from listening to the inmates here at ADVrider which led us to design that feature. Riders commented that they liked our flexisnap neck adjuster, but wanted to ride with their collar open and to eliminate the flapping.....suddenly we had an epiphany, and viola, the collar catch was designed.

I'm also confused on why you aren't confident in our Powershell Textile. Do you know what our Powershell is, what yarns we are using, and what weaving processes we are using? For your information, we have our own testing lab at the REV'IT! International HQ, and our own Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine, so we are confident in the quality of textiles (and their abrasion resistance) we use to create the REV'IT! Collections of apparel.

In my opinion, your comparison of the REV'IT! Dragon Jacket to the new REV'IT Sand2 Jacket is pretty naive if you base it solely on Codura vs Powershell and where those materials are used in the construction of the jackets. It is also incorrect if you think that a denier number is consistent in various yarns tensile strength. Also you are incorrect when you state that REV'IT! has stopped using Codura.

For what it's worth....when I compare two competing products I look at materials, features, innovations, fitment, and style aesthetic. I see more value in the new Sand2 over the old Dragon Jacket, but I am a bit biased....mainly because I'm immersed in all things REV'IT!

I'm glad that you are a fan of the Teiz products. REV'IT! is honored at the inspiration we continually create in the motorcycling apparel industry. We will continue to innovate good, clean designs, and hopefully we can reignite your passion for the REV'IT! brand.

If you have more questions, feel free to PM me and we'll take a further discussion offline.


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