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Originally Posted by DirtyDR View Post
I am not saying they do not work and they do serve a definite purpose. In order to put one on mine that did not interfere with my ground clearance I would have to scrap the current frame and build a new one and it is not worth it on the rig I have. I have less than $2,000.00 in the whole sidecar including the subframe from Dauntless and it is just not worth it to me to rebuild the whole thing just to add something that I do not need. My GS rig is like my Ural it is akin to putting makeup and a prom dress on a pig, it may look pretty but in the end it is still a pig.

Now that nice HP rig is another story.....
LOL.... Dana gotta admit you made me laugh out loud with that post. The cool thing is that you have put a lot of miles on your outfit and a lot of smiles were made along the way. THAT is what sidecars are all about.

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