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Originally Posted by BroncoDave View Post
More help please... first off, I have 2 identical 2001 XTs. When I got them a year ago, they we re both sitting for 4 yrs. Carbs were extremely them both running well enough to ride. Biggest problem was hard starting and hiccups on road speeds. So now trying to get them to run a little better and have more power. I put 130 jet in one, removed snorkel, went for 40 mile ride. It ran a little better than it did before but not a lot better. I checked spark plug had a nice brown color so jetting should be close. So then I went to second bike....put a 130 jet in it and 42.5 idle jet..left the snorkel in....went for a 1 mile ride,....seemed to rUN good. Has the same hiccup as before and the other bike, they both also tend to idle high when you let off the throttle for a good 5 to 10 seconds. I have tried spraying the intake signs of leaks. So any help on figuring out why the idle is hanging or the hiccuping would be greatly appreciated...I'm getting frustrated so sorry for the length. The one carb was professionally cleaned so pretty sure no issues with that aspect.
The first thing I would do is check for all the O rings in relation to the "black slow circuit thingie" on the side of the carb. The 2 small ones at the top are easy to lose. The 2 bigger ones might need seating better.

If no issues there, I would re clean the carb with focus on the pilot jet and screw orifices. And all the vent orifices.

Both of mine had that issue till I cleaned it very well.

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