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Originally Posted by Penguin74Q View Post
The spigot on the new cover is designed to read the pressure on the inside (filtered side) of the filter.
With the spigot machined flat and a groove in the cover, the guage will only read the oil pressure ahead of the filter. If the filter plugs and reduces pressure/flow to the engine, the guage will still read the oil pump pressure on the outside of the filter.
I had thought that the oil entered through the rubber grommet to the inside of the filter, and flowed outward into the filter chamber. The system diagram on page 2-2 in the repair manual, seems to show that flow direction.

Am I looking at this wrong? Is the flow actually inward from the filter's outer surface, and out through the rubber grommet at the inboard end of the filter?

Or, maybe am I just confused about your meaning?

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