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Originally Posted by jrsride2002 View Post
Yea at first, my issue was the big handfuls. Didn't care how slow I was going. I do notice that I am super focused on the trailer not the fender, thanks for that one! And thanks for the super secret wheel positioning, I think im going to hit up the stadium again

Sadly, 100% sure, no brake plates

As for the weighing bit.....hhhmmmm might have to get cleaver to figure that on out. The only place I know of that has something like that is the dump, or the border check points.. But it makes sense as to keep the tongue weight right where you want it...

As for the e-track, I think I am going to special order some 8' tracks. All I have locally is 5' tracks and those will/are leaving gaps. Not that I mind to much, but for aesthetics I would recommend to someone/anyone start with some 8' tracks.

Thanks for the insight guys,
You could find a scale at a large farm fertilizer store, stone quarry or place that sells large amounts. Truck stop... The girls there will usually let you disconnect so you can get the trailer weight, as long as there are no big rigs in line. Be creative. Now to weigh the tongue, use a bathroom scale. I use whatever is handy. A 2x4 laid across the scale and one under the ball. Most scales will go to 300#

I would still go with the disk brake option, even if you have to buy a new axle..

You were talking about moving the axle. If you do, you will need to make sure you don't mess up the tongue weight.
Most will be 60/40. 60% from the front of the bed and 40% from the rear of the bed. This can change for special purpose trailers.
Sorry for talking so much..
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