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Originally Posted by cmacfar View Post
Glad to hear you're doing ok. Do you think the bike wiped out on sand or was there a slick spot on the road? Being a wussy adventurer I tend to avoid the mtns. in the winter because of the sand more than the cold as it's slick as snot and was to "blame" for my first wreck on a bike.

Regarding the Stanley, interesting bit of trivia I guess, none of the movie was actually filmed there including the exterior shots but Stephen King did write portions the book there. My Uncle who is in the film business thought the bar scenes were filmed there but when he was in town we went up and were told otherwise. One movie that does have a shot from the hotel though is Dumb and Dumber when they run up the stairs when they're supposedly in Aspen. The Hotel is a cool place to stay though and the "ghost tour" of the place is very cool. They often run a deal where you get a night at the hotel and two tickets for the tour plus 20% off at the restaurant on Groupon and the likes that I would highly recommend.

Great pictures by the way as well and I very much enjoyed the report. Makes me want to man up and get up to the Mtns the next warm weekend!
Didn't know that about the Stanley. I was wondering where the maze went to. It was a combination of both sand and ice. They covered up the icy spot with the sand, and it was really kind of a fluke, because 3 inches in either direction I would have been out of danger and would not have wrecked. Bad luck on my part.
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