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Originally Posted by adam_c_eckhardt View Post
My wife's Golf TDI does pretty well on slick roads, and we opted to skip the winter tires this year (too much going on, didn't want to move another set of wheels and tires, and easy enough to take my truck if the roads are bad.)

I took it out to our build site which is up a pretty steep hill and it did just fine in our last snow storm. I imagine with a good set of winter tires that it'll make things easy.

Get a price from Chris Farnham at Langhorn VW for your Mom. He's got screaming deals.
Sounds good, and thanks for the heads up. I think she'll probably get the 5 cyl which should be more than enough since she only drives 4-6k a year. Those must be some solid cars too because they weight a ton, I just looked it up and the 3 door Golf weighs only 200lbs less than my huge Passat
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