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Originally Posted by jrzyguy View Post
Although my bike still isn't running, the problem is identified. To save me the work of explaining things in two places, please check out my pics and explanation on my RR...

Again, my thanks go out to all of you for your help and support!
Too bad you didn't mention the fact you'd swapped out the stock Stator early on. You could have saved A LOT of time and money. Any owner installed Mod always goes TOP OF THE LIST for where the problem started.

But I also blame the Mexican techs for not finding this in the first hour of work. Hate to say it ... but I feel they strung you along ... WAKE UP!
This sort of fault is a novice mechanic diagnostics 101 exercise. I know your guys know more than they are letting on. Oh well, live and learn!

BtW, aftermarket Stators are famous for failure. Many many KLR guys have gone with aftermarket stators to gain more output. Many end in failures. It's all over the KLR boards, has been for years.

If you feel you need more elec. output you should have come over to the BIG DR650 thread. Lots of guys there with plenty of helpful tips on how to set up your bike to get by with the DR's measly 200 Watt output.

Many good mods and upgrades to get by and still have power for elec. jackets, grips and running GPS and such. No problemo. Hope you can still enjoy the rest of your trip! I'll check out your report ... and please ... from now on ask on the BIG DR thread if you have questions. A wealth of knowledge and even some direct support from Pros over there.
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