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Logitech Bluetooth Boombox $80

Bought this recently, was loud and clear. Very loud.
Don't ask, but I was going to mount it on the motorcycle on the fairing.
But alas, found out that when run on straight internal battery (rechargeable) the volume drops off considerably.

No problem says I, the AC adapter puts out 12v, I'll just use a cigarette lighter cord to power it.

Well, I did. And running on direct motorcycle battery, it IS louder, but the bass distorts horribly. Screw it, this ain't gonna work.

My loss is your gain. I paid a little over a hundred with tax. Selling it today with all of about 5 hours on it (Christmas music ), perfect condition, with the box it came in, for $80.

I just don't want to drive back to Target.

Works perfect (when you use it as intended), and really has great sound. Automatically pairs with your bluetooth phone.

Hit me with a PM.

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