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Here are some of my notes, YMMV depending on your personal preferences:

- Evaluate all the comfort accessories for your bike, most important are seat, wind protection and earplugs.
- Interstates + EZ-Pass will get you to your home/destination and into a bed quicker
- Leave very early in the morning, arrive late the same day
- Best time is around the summer solstice when there is more daylight
- Dress in layers for all temperatures. It may be freezing in the morning/night and scorching mid-day. Peeling off and layering on is faster than a whole wardrobe change. Depending on where and when you do it, electrics may be your friend.
- Plan out and avoid all the rush hour/retail-hours traffic for all the major cities along your way
- Captain Obvious Tip: know the weather along the ENTIRE route, not just your start and end-points. 1000 miles covers a lot of weather patterns.
- Nibble on 1/2 sandwich that you packed beforehand at each gas stop. Don't overeat or you'll get sleepy, best to stay a little bit hungry the whole trip to keep yourself awake
- Drink water. Don't drink any coffee/energy drinks/sugary drinks, the sugar/caffeine crashes are not worth it.
- Take digital pictures of your odometer and the gas station register every fill-up. If your digital camera has a time-stamp on it, you can fill in the IBA form when you get home instead of on the way. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!
- Don't speed. If you're doing the SS1000 on the Interstate, you'll have plenty of time. Riding faster than the flow of traffic takes up more mental energy and is more fatiguing than going the same speed as everybody else around you
- Go alone. Much as it's more fun and social when you travel in a group, every extra person adds a delay waiting for each other to gas/eat/pee/rest as well as increasing the potential mechanical breakdowns
- If there are any niggling annoyances (sitting on a seam on your jeans, a stray strand inside your helmet tickling your nose), get it fixed *before* your trip. Like Chinese Water Torture, it will become unbearable over the next 16-18 hours.
- I like listening to music to pass the time, maybe bring an AudioBook.

It dawned on me half-way through my SS1000, I was basically on a timed scavenger hunt for gas station receipts...

I was stuck in construction in Montreal (worst city in North America for that) on my SS1000, still made it back home in just under 17 hours door-to-door. You have plenty of time!

P.S. Bring a change of socks for half-way through your ride, you'll feel like a new person!
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