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Originally Posted by DireWolf View Post
Thinking about muzzleloader for hunting (better tag chances).

Found a T/C Firehawk in .54 with a red dot and some other odds and ends for $400. Black thumbhole stock in stainless.

Doesn't look like that model is produced anymore, but is that a reasonable cost? Aside from the obvious differences in weight, is there an advantage/disadvantage in a .54 over the .50?

I know little about them in general.
That seems a little high. Black powder rifles are fairly inexpensive, even going through big stores like Cabelas. I just saw a T/C 50 cal stainless w/camo on Cabelas web site for $299. If you look around, there are some CVA's that are even cheaper (if price is a major concern).

I have a .54 cal Knight that is a blast to shoot, but maybe not as versatile as a .50 cal. The .50 would be a little better for long range, especially if you are shooting the 150 gr powder loads and saboted bullets. 50 cal components are easier to find in the stores. Either caliber will work on game just fine.

I do enjoy the .54. Shooting 500+ gr maxi balls is some good fun!
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