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Have arrived back in Hanmer Springs, they had some serious wind and rain last night. I'll still give the Rainbow a crack tomorrow, provided its not raining, if its blocked no worries, I'll just return to HP, thank god for a 33 lt tank with over 550kms range.

Now yesterday was a very sad day for me. No it was not the forced donation to the policemans Teddy Bear picnic

But the severe shock of the loss of one of my all time favourite pubs.
Had rang the pub in CC to make a booking for last night, number is not connected???

Anyway I rode over to the Banks Peninsula to come down the hill to find this

SOB, the beautiful historic Duvachelle, one of the oldest in NZ was no more. The bloody eathquake had destoyed it. I was mortified ended staying in Akaroa, and had a magnificent Thai dinner at La Thai on the waterfront.

As for my donation to NZ finest, I'm not worried. It goes with the job as an occupational hazard, and I figure that as I'm averaging over 60,000kms per year, and have done so, for many years, and my last donation was about 4or 5 years ago, I'm way in front

He was travelling towards me on SH7 near Culverdon, came around a sweeping corner, and had me pinged before I relaised it was a Hwy patol , estimated distance was about 500mts, even a radar detector would not have saved me. I was the only vehicle on the road, so I pulled into a side road and awaited him. His opening statement was I have just detected you travelling at 113kph, what do you say about that? I replied that I watch the road ahead of me not the speedo, its much safer! and if you say so, no worries, I accept, I think it took him back somewhat, he asked if I wanted to check the radar reading, I said no thanks, I take it you know your job. Back he goes to his car with my Aussie licence, after a few minutes returns with a ticket for $80NZ, wonder why he didn't cut me some slack and knock it back to under 110, poor form I say!

Hey, its just a game, some you win some you lose, I spend almost $80NZ filling my 33lt tank almost every day. Wont change my riding ways, I will still travell at about 110kph, no way will I sit in a line of vehicles unless there are double lines, from experince way to dangerous, if I can't see whats in front of me.

anyway I'm back up and running hopefully with my PC.
I'm buying a Apple when I get back to Oz.
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