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I shall register the really old fashioned way: Do nothing, show up, and attempt to bum electricity from someone else! I'll bring my little propane heater just in case I get caught plugging my cord into the biggest fanciest trailer in the campground. Been caught before but they never think to just take my cord, thereby insuring that there's no real downside for the theft. Who cares who yells "Electricty Thief" in a crowded campground?.

Ok, truth is my little ugly 5x10 trailer made in the 1950s with my raggedy bikes makes the moneyed elite feel sorry for me and they usually just donate some electricty. Or I just show on a bike so overloaded with camping gear, no truck or trailer, and they invite me inside their fancy motorcoach. They don't want to feel guilty watching me unpack 500lbs of camping gear from a 290lb bike and set it up, but they also don't really want to offer help. Perhaps they simply don't want to feel obligated to dig my unmarked grave if I'm found dead in my cold tent in the morning? Do they think that charity is better than digging with a shovel for a dead stranger anytime? I hope so.

Ah, the wonder of the charity of others more fortunate! One of the mysteries of the universe I suppose. Perhaps it may all be explained in the afterlife.

Or I could stay in a hotel. Anyone got a spare peice of floor in a hotel that you booked for 2 when you really knew that you had 6? I'll sleep in the tub, no whining from me. Just please don't do what I'm beginning to think has been done on purpose, turn on the cold shower, turn off the bathroom lights, and leave quickly and jump back in your warm bed before I can see who you are. I hate getting blasted in the face by a cold shower stream and then having to pack up a wet sleeping bag before the morning ride starts. Small price to pay for bumming a free hotel room I guess. No vindictiveness here! No need to watch your back!

Who's leading the "Hero" singletrack loops? I need to talk to you whoever you are.

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