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Dejavu - I had the 1988 twin of that with the 4.0L engine, same color same model. I really loved it and it took me and a lot of gear to a lot of places, but when it started showing serious signs of wear, I sold it to a neighbors little brother for transportation to/from school. He let the coolant get too low and blew up the engine which was the best part. Traded to a 2010 Liberty that is roomier and more comfortable to drive, but with over 20 years to work on it and a slightly smaller engine, it still doesn't get any better gas mileage than the old jeep did, and the Cherokee Chief was much better offroad.
Nice! This one is the 4.0L Renix as well. I honestly think this thing has never seen much offroad. Aside from the dirt roads I drive to get to lakes and reservoirs the previous owners drove it around the city of Boulder since new. It does nicely when I want to drive it in the snow instead of my rwd car, but it's going to simplify my life tremendously if I can sell it.
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