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After returning from Vietnam and being stationed at Ft. Hood, I was out boring holes in the sky when a buddy of mine flying an OH-58 ran into a bit of a problem. He was flying back to Hood AAF when lost hydraulics:

1005: Hood Tower, Army 1005. We have hydraulics failure, request straight in to the runway.
HT: 1005 Hood. Are you declaring an emergency at this time.
1005: Negative Hood, just the straight in.
HT: Roger 1005. Cleared straight in to the active winds...
(heard in the cockpit - Clackety, clackety, BANG!)
1005: Hood Tower, Army 1005. We have just had a tail rotor failure.
HT: 1005 Hood. Understand hydraulics failure and tail rotor failure?
1005: That's affirmative Hood.
UKN A/C: 1005, you shit's flaky
1005: Roger flaky.

He set it down without problem. There was an IP in the back seat but a grunt in the front.

Some days are a bit more exciting than others.

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