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Originally Posted by Twisted Adventures View Post
So..... Do the SIDI Adventures not offer much protection? That's a boot I've been looking at closely recently. But if it's no good, Then........

The reason I went with the Thor 50/50's, was because my bike is my daily driver, so I wanted boots that were a comfortable daily walker. Not worth the trade off I found out. But I do want something I can tolerate on my feet for most of the day.
I don't think there is a very good "compromise" boot that protects and allows hiking per se.
I have crossfires and adventure boots. I wear the crossfires on all off road except when I'm on my F8 which I use the Adventures for. Now if I drop that big old F8 on myself I'll wish I was wearing the Crossfires instead, but it's all a compromise.

As for shifting with the full on motocross boots, it does take a little getting used to, but folks have been shifting just fine with stiff motocross boots for a long time. I have my shift lever positioned one spline up from what most people would normally have. That allows me to upshift easily and I downshift by moving my foot off the peg.
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