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Originally Posted by Woodsrat View Post
What I believe it does is hold the clutch lever in. Dunno why that would be imporant--I'd just put it in neutral.

Maybe we ought to ask an Aussie...

Glad you asked haha

Ive owned ct110's for about 5 years and actually have been recently riding a CTX200 I purchased about 6 months ago.

The clutch trigger that you guys are talking about is nothing more then a leaver that you flick out when the clutch is in so that when you let the clutch out it sits just a bit before the friction point, thus stopping it from stalling while you do something else with that hand or leave the bike. When you are done you simply pull the clutch in which then disengages the leaver and you are right to go off riding again.

Personally putting it in neutral has always been easier and I only ever use the leaver on rare occasions.

Clutch out.

Clutch held in before the friction point buy the leaver.

It's an absolute joy of a bike, a real do it all to infinity and back ride.
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