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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
only if your motorcycle is less than 500cc and your comparing it to a 3/4 ton pickup

compare a 600cc or larger bike to an economy car, the car wins with lower cost per mile every day of week
Why the hell should one compare an economy car to a high power bike! Compare like with like!
I'm a Honda fan and from Germany, so here is what I'd compare if it comes to cost efficency:
Honda Jazz Hybrid vs. CBR 250R
4.5l/100km, 175km/h topspeed, 12.1s 0-100km/h, over 19k new vs. 4.1l/100km, 140km/h topspeed but only 8s 0-100km/h and less than 5k new.

Bike wins with lower cost and more fun.

Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
(Don't bother posting up that you have a bike-only; you're the exception, you can even consider yourself a friggin' hero, okay?)
Btw. the only problem with grocery shopping is you can't transport four crates of beer/water/coke at once.

Totally offtopic:
Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
We threw him out last year, at 22 years old, after about 7 years of not moving 1 step forward with his life. Not 1 step. Basically stopped going to school after about 9th or 10th grade. Started smoking dope at about 14. I'd get home from work at 3 in the morning, and his bedroom light would go off when he heard my bike, then he'd sleep until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and snivel that he couldn't find a job. As it is, he's got a real drinking issues manifesting itself, almost everything he does revolves around getting drunk going to bars, almost getting arrested, almost or actually getting into fights at bars, etc., etc. My wife turns a blind eye to it though, but I see it clearly.
Oh great... you watched your stepkid having REAL problems over years, clearly needing professional treatment, didn't manage to help him get out of the shit and your "solution" was to put him on the street where he should do what... drink more and fade to death? And now you rant about it on forums? Really great.
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