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Originally Posted by legasea View Post
After all this reading, my LFX 18 went to live in the K12 where it does it's job nicely.
For the 1150 ADV, I'll wait a bit more as this thread goes and the Exide keeps his power.
Thank you all, battery minded fellows for filling our ignorance.
LFX18 is likely too small for BMW 1150 adventure. when battery are sized for when conditions are ideal for battery. ie warm temps and no issues with engine. ie .. engine cranks for about 1 second, fires and starts. then charging system takes over any electrical needs like headlights, heated grips, etc.... battery gets topped off

LiFePO4 battery's tiny amp hour reserve doesn't come into play.... yet. all that changes the first time engine will not start without extended cranking. Let's say your small LiFePO4 battery has an actual capacity of 6 amp hour. compare to BMW gel cell battery of 19 amp hour vs Odyssey AGM 28 amp hour.

ability of LiFePO4 battery to deliver cranking amps is different from that same battery's ability to deliver extended crank times.

this is why for most folks my recommendations is to go with a quality AGM battery for adventure bikes. unless the weight savings is worth the $$$ and trouble to learn LiFePO4 cold start procedures.

Go with Earth-X ETX36 or Shorai LFX36 ... these are two of the largest LiFePO4 motorcycle specific batteries available. actual amp hour measurements are posted a few pages earlier. both ETX36 and LFX36 will deliver monster cranking amps for extended crank times.

Shorai LFX36 has been tested in R80G/S for almost one year. LFX36 has not missed a beat. includes extensive cold crank times. and surviving deadly combo of extended cold starts/heated gear/ short rides times. then have enough reserve amp hour to start R80G/S next morning at 20 degrees.

Earth-X ETX36C is currently in R80G/S. it's performance has been outstanding. lots more winter left to see how ETX36C holds up....

weight comparison: Odyssey AGM 22lbs vs Earth-X ETX36C (3lbs 11oz) or Shorai LFX36 (4lb 14oz)
so we are talking about saving a whopping 18lbs with ETX36C and saving 17lb with LFX36

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