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I suspect this is very true.
I think the uglier I think a bike is, the more they will sell.
The younger people want transformers with all sorts of gizmo's on them.
I think I could make a huge amout of money for these companies, if I was to rate a bike a 1 on a 0 to 10 style scale, they would be SURE to sell millions of them. A 9 or 10, forget about it.

I guess Harley sucks up most of the vintage look people, and leaves none for any Japanese brands.
When I was riding my old Triumph around, the Harley guys would all come over and tell stories about their old bikes, the sport bike guys would not give it a 2nd look.
But you won't find many Harley riders willing to trade their sled glide in on an sr400....

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I've rebought a few "cool" bikes of my youth in the 70s and 80s and my 20 sumpthing year old kids kids are far from impressed by any of them. If they want a new market of young riders they need to beat the Ninja 300 or bring in a real WR450r.
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