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Originally Posted by Jailor8 View Post
Ref to the band(s)

Maybe it would be better to just encourage some of the normal venues in Silverton that if they were scheduling bands anyway, that the Weekend we are there would be a good one. But dont tell em, Hey we promise you 100 thristy RMAR riders. This way they advertise it like normal to draw their normal crowd and we, if you choose to go just boost the attendance... er revenue.

Something like " Hey did you guys know that there will be a bunch of music loving motorcycle riders here the last weekend in July?" Plant the seed but let nature do the work.

My 2 cent worth.


Well, thats basically how I'm approaching it. The deal is we are a fairly large band and there are very few venues that can fit us and a decent crowd. The GE is one we've played before for a private event and its big enough and has decent acoustics. They don't usually have bands at all. And by playing for the door the venue takes zero risk. I on the other hand, assume all the risk for this kinda deal. I'm pretty confident that with non RMAR tourists and a little help from the RMAR group we can do it, have a great time, and I won't lose my ass. I'm gonna book it, probably for Saturday night.

Theres is the option to make it free for RMAR participants but that would require some $ from RMAR which Big John has already said he's not into, which I understand. Hope to see some dirty bikers out there!! Keep in mind that showing up would be giving back to the trails cuz I do alot of trail clearing in the spring!!
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