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Originally Posted by texmawby View Post
I'm also confused on why you aren't confident in our Powershell Textile. Do you know what our Powershell is, what yarns we are using, and what weaving processes we are using? For your information, we have our own testing lab at the REV'IT! International HQ, and our own Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine, so we are confident in the quality of textiles (and their abrasion resistance) we use to create the REV'IT! Collections of apparel.
In a way this can be the very reason for lack of confidence in materials - because we don't know the details. Looking for a new jacket I initially dismissed some of these jackets (as well as jackets from other companies with other unknown fabrics) as I didn't know what "PWR|Shell" was and assumed just a fancy named polyester . The advantage of something like Cordura is that there is information on the actual test results for abrasion testing on the net so you know what your getting. I've since worked out that Powershell is a polyamide and should be OK but without test result numbers still have concerns in the back of my mind - It's hard to know where marketing hype begins and reality ends.

Currently considering the Sand as a main jacket and/or Turbine (which I believe is more protective than the Tornado?) for warmer weather but even though the Turbine mentions Cordura - how much of it is actually used on the jacket?
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