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dragging stuff with your quad

I've got some 1/2" poly rope I've been using on my place or 17 years now and it was pretty cheap when I got it. THE BEST THING I have ever used for dragging stuff is an old drive belt off of a 6' finish mower. I make a loop by pulling a loop around whatever I'm gonna pull then run the other end through it and put it over the ball on my ATV and pull away. It cinches up and doesn't slip but when you get the load where you want it all you have to do is back up a tad and it loosens right up, it works amazingly for dragging deer also as you don't get hair and funk on your rope and no jacking with knots at all. If you need a little stand-off room use two of them. I bet an old Serpentine automotive belt would work too.
Originally Posted by sierraoffroad View Post
I'm looking to buy about 50' of good quality rope for some yard work and misc use like cutting saplings and or dragging brush with my quad.

i have cables and chains, but all of which are very heavy so rope seems the way to go.

I have bought from strapworks before and was wondering if anyone has use this rope before?
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