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Originally Posted by MountainsandRivers View Post
I am sure attendance will not be a problem. I would consider a start time around 9 ish, because that would give time for things to wrap up at the campground, yet not be too late for those riding early the next day. Friday night seemed to have things wind down earlier at the campground and more people headed into town, vs Saturday where things ran longer with the denoobing Eat it, Drink it deal and slideshow. Just my 2 cents, but Friday might be the better night.
And yes, he speaks the truth about his efforts in trail clearing! A lot of the singletrack in the region would not be nearly as rideable if it weren't for Enduro-ince and the guys at PAPA, so even more reason to support him this night!
Good to know about the friday vs saturday thing. I'm in no hurry to book so lets get a consensus on what night RMAR folks would prefer. And just so its clear I'm not doing this to make money. We rarely get to play Silverton cuz most venues will only pay for a three piece or smaller band of usually mediocre quality. This is a good opportunity for us to play a quality show there, but I do have to pay my boys so they go home with more $ in their pocket than when they left. Course I could just do it myself for free if you guys wanna hear three hours of bass solos
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