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Originally Posted by jckid View Post
I came from a 610 w/power up kit to the WR. I'm really enjoying the WR. The only thing I miss about the 610 is the power. The WR will never compare in that department, but for a 250 it has decent power, and I think it's a great bike.
While the weight of the two bikes isn't that much different on paper, my WR feels much lighter than my 610 did. I think the difference is around 50-60 lbs., but it feels like 100lbs. I'm enjoying the ligher weight, although the heavier 610 was definitely better in windy conditions.
I think it's only about 20-40 lbs if I remember correctly. It's interesting that everyone says that about the WRR. It doesn't look like it, but the center of mass must be lower. I noticed the same thing compared to my DR. The difference is about 75 lbs, but it feels like 150.
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