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I'm 24, just started as an engineer at Ford after graduating college a few months ago and just bought my second bike. I picked up a used 2011 F800 GS. There are some of us younger folks around, but I would say we are few. I can only name two of my friends that ride. I have gotten plenty of shit from people saying that I'm going to get hurt or how ridiculous it is to be spending so much money on a motorcycle. I also think its a matter of how people in general spend their time. I road race a neon, mountain bike, brew beer and have tons of other hobbies, but most of my friends just watch the boob tube and get drunk on the weekends. I spend lots of money on my hobbies compared to other people, but I don't spend hardly anything on going out or buying nice things like clothes and electronics. When everyone feels they need the latest and greatest trends and spend $250 a month on cable, internet and a cell phone, expendable cash gets low. I guess its all priorities.
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