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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
Also would anyone with experience using Orux or DualSportMaps be willing to provide a review or how to for those?
CoPilot works well. But whenever you start it, it always starts routing to your last destination. I prefer just looking at maps. Annoying, but not a big deal. You can cancel the old route after it starts. It is pretty much stand alone. It isn't practical to get tracks out of it or put any into it. When you do use routing, it gives you lots of options like fastest and shortest, etc.

I use OSMand a lot. They have virtually all of the the OSM street maps ready to download and use offline. I like the feature where you can put in a destination, and it simply puts an arrow on the screen pointing to that destination. You can decide what roads to take to get there, just head towards the direction of the arrow. Or you can use it to route you on the roads. It doesn't route as well and Google or CoPilot, but it works well enough. You can use GPX tracks that you created prior to the trip if you want. It also does a good job of creating tracks of where you have been.

Orux maps I mentioned before. I have loaded it maybe a half dozen times. Then a day or two later I get frustrated and uninstall it. I don't want to devote a couple of weekends to figuring out how to install offline maps. I'm probably just missing something, but I never did get offline maps on it.

DualSportMaps is to much $$ to download as an experiment. Too many questions with no trial version. I don't do enough dual sport type riding.

Oh, and I hate Apple.
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