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Originally Posted by MOzarkRider View Post
What part of the budget am I missing then? Cause cost per mile (if we're comparing a reliable car with a reliable motorcycle) the motorcycle is cheaper. Of course it may not be the most economical cause you cannot haul things like the rest of your family but that is not what I am claiming.
mostly tires

also remember to compare apples to apples, don't compare professional maintenance costs for a cage to DIY costs on a bike, AND compare what the recommended intervals are.

bike $425 for 2 tires (mounted & balanced) lasts 10k = 4.25/mile
car $350 for 4 tires (again mounted balanced) lasts 80k = 0.44/mile

bike spend almost 10 times as much on tires

also routine maintenance, cars go 100,000 miles between tuneups, bikes go only 7,500 (going by recommended interval in manual)


bike @ 50mpg = 7/mile car @ 38mpg - 9.2/mile

cost of ownership similar

bike new $8k, value with 100k miles $500 - 7.5/mile
car new $15k, value with 100k miles $7,500 - 7.5/mile

chain & sprockets is something that cars don't have, but some cars do require changing a timing belt at 60k or 75k

I use my V-strom and in the past my SV650 for business use and have detailed accounting for tax purpose, My V-strom cost per mile is 45 compared to 36 for a Ford Ranger and 52 for a Chevy van, cheapest car I ever owned was a BMW 320i that only cost my 26/mile, My SV was 35/mile (over 135k miles)
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