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Bringing a bike from Europe for a tour of US

I have been looking into bringing my KTM to USA for an extended holiday maybe from East Coast across to Cali and possibly down into Mexico or beyond. Currently return shipping of my bike from Europe (Southern Germany) comes out at about $1700 with all the customs charges and transport to a sea port. Bringing over by air is about $2200 and requires a bit more preparation (smaller crate)

Hiring a KTM990 is not so easy, especially as I want to drop the bike off on the opposite side of the US at the end of the vacation.

So I started to think that maybe It would be better to buy a used bike on the East coast and sell it somewhere on the West coast at the end of the trip. However, I guess I am likely to have issues trying to register it, as I don't have a US address.

Has anyone experience of this?

Other thoughts are to try arranging an exchange or bike swap, maybe someone with a KTM 990 wants to come to Europe for 5 or 6 weeks in spring or summer 2014 and would be willing to exchange bikes. Anyone tried this? The sole cost is likely to be insurance and fuel, or am I missing something?
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