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I bought a new R1100GS in '96, after busting my cherry on a run of airheads and a K75S (which I loved). I was kind of a newbie to wheelies, and the new GS was like a Ferrari compared to my previous beemers. I had wheelied my first bike, the original Honda Hurricane 600 a bit, but I really didn't know what I was doing when it came to wheelies then. On my second ride with my new oilhead GS, I cracked the throttle hard in first, and found myself off the back of the bike, hands still on the bars! The bike fell forward and yanked me back on the seat, and the whole episode might have lasted a half a second, but it got my attention.

I don't intentionally wheelie the Multi, but I did get on it hard once, winding it up through the gears, and felt the front come up after hitting third. When it set back down I looked a the speedo, which was reading 92mph! If you're into wheelies, I think the Multi is the ticket.

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Third gear wheelies seem less likely with the GS though yet possible. Through the marvels of physics, it is often easier to wheelie with more weight added via the mechanism of an innocent but terrified pillion who just happened to come along for the ride.

I think its fair to say that if snapping wheelies is part of the requirement, the Multistrada goes to the head of the class. The KTM would be the other likely possibility, but I'll bet the GS will still take second fiddle in this category.
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