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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post

I wouldn't say motorcycle is cheaper.

Because they tend not to be.

Motorcycles could be cheaper, but that isn't really a design goal for most manufacturers.

Motorcycles are more engaging in the same way a manual transmission car with rack and pinion steering is more engaging than an automatic transmission car with full power steering.

Though if you're comparing TCO new/new it would be hard to beat something like a Honda fit for 7 years, though you might manage it with something like a ninja 300 abs or a new cb500 abs, but figure in all weather gear costs too.

There are some situations where cars are untenable - I can park next to any building on campus with a bike, I work in a couple of them. I can't even park a car on campus at all and I've been here for years. A motorcycle is a way to not ride the bus, in my case.

Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
Maybe motorcycling is inconsistent with youth culture today? We've got an entire generation that has been coddled into believing that they're something special. They have hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, and for the few that actually stepped away from the computer or Playstation and played sports, there were no winners or losers and everyone got a trophy. Motorcycling requires personal responsibility; to check and maintain your machine, to be aware of what's going on around you, and to understand the limits of your ability. In a nutshell, we're raising a generation of pussies, and motorcycles aren't for pussies! If I had a kid, I'd name him Sue!

Why must subsequent generations like what you like? It will never happen, so get over it.
--Semantics are everything.
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