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But those atoms are still light years behind even a core 3, and the pro uses a core 5. An atom Windows 8 tablet could be great though in that it would be roughly the same price as an iPad but you can run all your x86 apps on it. While they might not run great all your basic tablet apps would be fine and it would give you the option of at least being able to do some work when it's just the tablet.

My thought is I'm at an airport, get an e-mail from a client that X needs updated or changed, I jump into dreamweaver and fix it. A 10" tablet would be a lot easier to carry than my current 15" laptop.

Adobe needs to expand their licenses to 3 computers though
I agree completely, The advantage with Atom over ARM, as you already stated, compatability with all x86 software albiet at a performance penalty for some. Atom over Core i3/i5/i7 is much improved battery life, less heat from the processor removing the need for fans which means lighter and thinner devices and contributing again to better battery life. For many people that may be the holy grail.

Adobe, don't mention that name again! As 2013 rolled around, FrameMaker (all recent versions) decided licenses had expired. Being a holiday weekend, Adobe couldn't be reached for a solution. On Jan 2nd, they released a 'temporary' fix. didn't work on server operating systems, meaning no help for my 60 users that use FrameMaker in our Citrix environment. Finally got a working patch from them and all is well. FAA was breathing down my client's neck for a documentation edit that they coudn't make because FrameMaker wouldn't run.

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