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I posted early in this thread with a negative first impression. I had a chance to sit on one and talk with a rep at the Seattle Motorcycle Show. The bike feels good. I liked the S/ST. With an almost 2" longer wheel base, this bike will be very stable, with even less drama than the previous bikes. I would actually drop the bars 2", but most will love the upright riding position. Everything else about the bike felt really good, and I especially like the new nose on the fairing, with assymetric headlights far back behind a new single lense.

At 90 hp and with a new (but still not adequate for its price) suspension, it was drawing a lot of attention. Many (over a dozen) of the men who were closely examining the bike were looking at it as a new bike for their wives. I think that this will be a major sub-market for the bike in the USA.

The original S/ST was released a year earlier in Europe than in the US. The engines had teething problems. The balancers were wrong and there were a few other issues. No engines "blew up" once the bike was here in 2007, but from 2009 onwards, the motor were much, much better. The current F800R is selling in steady, if small, numbers.

I agree that a selling point is light weight for this class of machine. I also agree that it is a terrible value new - with a very low-end suspension and a price point that puts it against much more sophisticated machines, only those who don't care about cost will jump in to buy what for them (or their wives) is the "right" bike.

I'm all for smaller and lighter, and I'll pay for high-spec components on a smaller displacement machine, but this goes in the other direction. If someone else upgrades the suspension, I might consider it used at 65% of the new price.
New to the forum. Hello all.

Was reading this thread as I am currently wheeling and dealing on a F800GT at my local dealer. Bike is in the Toronto warehouse and is scheduled to arrive at the dealer before the end of this month. Bike is valencia orange. All Canadian models come standard with ABS and heated hand grips. The bike has the safety package, consisting of ESA, ASC and TPMS. It also has the comfort package, which includes the centre stand, on board computer and luggage mounts. We will also be ordering side cases and a top case for the bike.

This bike will be for my wife, who is 5'6". We are ordering the bike with the low (30.9") seat. I quoted the previous post as I completely agree that this bike will appeal to female riders and those men of shorter stature. We do alot of touring and there is a real gap in the Canadian market when it comes to smaller, lighter touring bikes, especially those with ABS.

More and more women are getting into riding. In my opinion, the industry (BMW excluded), needs to do more to meet the demands of female riders that want a proper touring bike.
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