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Tips for Installing rear axle?

It's not the bike, it's me. Because, on every bike I have (or had), it takes me forever to install a rear axle... last night I spent 20 minutes trying. Finally asked someone to help, and it took 30 seconds, which is really frustrating (I should be able to do this solo). And, I'm in a garage- not in the field!

I have the bike on a stand, with minimal clearance below the rear wheel (less than an inch), and I slide a big screwdriver through the wheel, to provide some sort of guide. If I had a piece of tubing almost as big as the axle, but tapered on one side, that would be ideal, I suppose. When someone else holds the wheel and shimmies it a bit, the axle will slide right through. But, when I shimmy the wheel and try and push it through, it rarely works. I mean, eventually I get it... but clearly this is not efficient.

Any suggestions?
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