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The humor of old guy rants is inversely proportional to their basis in knowledge and reason. This thread is hard, empirical evidence of that.

I've been laughing my ass off reading it.


Although I disagree with the OP, I do see the motorcycle industry changing mostly because it won't be driven by the US "toy" market anymore. The transportation NEEDS of Indians and the Chinese will drive the market instead of Americans need to look badass, thank God.

As far as young Americans go, I think bikes are just more expensive than they used to be. The "most sophisticated production bike ever", the 1969 CB750 sold for $1,495. That's about $6,820 in today's dollars. For seven grand you can barely get a KLR. Not exactly the most sophisticated bike out there. A better comparison is the S1000RR which my local dealer has for sale for almost $17,000.

I hope that the Chinese and Indian influence will bring more reasonable and reasonably priced motorcycles into the US market so young people can see that you don't have to be a "hard ass biker" or a flat-hat-brim, tribal tattoo stunter to enjoy motorcycling. AND *GASP* a motorcycle might actually be a reasonable form of transportation!
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