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T63 and TKC80

Originally Posted by slider162 View Post
So I'm an idiot when it comes to tires. I fell in love with the Michelin T63 tires when I had the BMW G650GS Sertao. But they don't have the stock size for the Tiger 800XC. Would the Michelin T63 130/80-17 rear work on the XC?

The rear rim is too wide for the 130/80 '63. I run it on my TE630 and it looks small on it. Great tire, on and off, wear is about 2K miles. Definitely not a tire for the tiger.

The front on the otherhand is probably one to try out since it's about half the price of a TKC. I'm just getting ready to put one on the Husky, been running a Scorpion Rally which is an excellent knobby. Not sure about it on the Tiger though, it's pretty aggressive.

Any full knobby, other than a TKC, is going to dramatically reduce road holding on the front of these beasts. I'm not a real big fan of the TKC but it's probably the best way to go on the Tiger. Just keep the pressure up or it will pinch flat. Like 25-28lbs offroad, 36 on.

The rear is probably decent for it too, but any dualsport variety will work on the back, the K60 being real popular.

I've been running the Fullbore USA Adventure tires front and back, and with 22lbs they are really good for mild dirt. Certainly not a single-track tire, but then niether is the bike, IMHO.
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