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Originally Posted by Krazyjohnny View Post
I have really enjoyed my Lifeproof case. I have used it in the pool shooting video of my son acting goofy with no issues. The ability to mount it to the bike is awesome. Now you have to get the gloves so that you can use the touch screen on the device.
That is good to hear. I have an iPhone 5 on order and have been considering the Lifeproof case as an option.

The reviews on Amazon for it are not good, but then again the general public is often pretty clueless how to effectively use anything more complicated than a toaster. And based on the many of the mobile phone related reviews I read, they are a bunch of whiny little children with unrealistic expectations.

I am also considering the Otterbox Armor case that comes out soon. Otterbox products have always worked well for me and the fact that they have delayed release of the Armor case tells me they have been working out the bugs rather than beta testing with their customers.

For the OP:
I have been using my Android phone in the RAM finger mount and it has been solid on my DR650, even in some moderate off road riding. That phone is in an Otterbox Defender and has fared well. Fine in a drizzle and I just deploy a ziplock bag over it if the rain gets worse.
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