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So I am having factory clone head gaskets made for the scoot. The oil leakage is coming from random places because it seems like the rings aren't seating right, or the end gaps got aligned somehow. The entire crankcase is way overpressurized, and the bike is lacking some power.

If I remove the timing cap on the stator cover while it's running, I can feel almost as much exhaust coming out as I can from the tailpipe, lol. What does it feel like on your scooter if you remove the timing cap while it runs? I know there is always blow-by, but this is way too much. So, as soon as I get my head gaskets, I'll go ahead and tear it down, hopefully for the last time, and figure out why there is so much piston blow-by...

Speaking of head gaskets...What do you guys do about replacing the OEM one when you pull the head??
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