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Wicked another donation, more rides

Paid today. Thanks, Joel et all!

Three things, first I was going to donate a copy of Adobe Premier Pro, but I think that got missed in the list?

Second, I added two rides I'm willing to lead. One is the Chloride-Titus thing, but Friday instead of Saturday. The second is Darwin on Sunday morning. If they don't get much interest, I might cancel them, but I'll talk to anyone who is interested before doing that. PM me if you sign up, so I can get to know you before hand?

Also, I'll be camped with Seth (lifeofreilly) and the Adobe crew in RV spot #2. Come by to chat in person once we're there.

Last, I will be riding in, the plan as of now is to do an IBA style blast on Wednesday. My route is Bellingham WA to PSR via I-5, 97, and 395. It will be my first IBA ride, so if you want to give me pointers, feel free. That route is simply what Mr.Goog says is shortest, I'm not sure if the linking route between I-5 and 395 is IBA friendly, or if it has too much traffic.

Anyway.... see you there!
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