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Originally Posted by Rhode trip View Post
I just read in a RR that because both of our bikes are titled in my name, Mrs. Trip will not be able to get a vehicle permit to ride in Mexico. Is this correct? We just never bothered to change it because of the bureaucratic hellhole that is the RI DMV. It will take a while to get a new title...its gonna kill my trip
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Yes it may be a show stopper. But if you are only riding Mexico, you will not need the official raised seal title. The registration and a valid plate are all you need as long as it is in her name or both names. Just present the registration with her DL and visa. Don't know about title requirements for countries south of here.

I'm guessing you are trailering the bikes. If you can't get the permanent docs right away can you have them mailed to someone near your border crossing point with some certainty that they will be there on time?

What happens when you buy a vehicle in RI? What ownership docs (registration) can you get right away? Do you get a temporary tag or a new plate? Can you find a sympathic clerk that can expedite things? Off the top of my head, can you find a state en-route where you can "sell" or give the bike to your wife and get new ownership papers and a plate in her name the same day? I know several states require an inspection and VIN verification on an out of state bike that could screw this up. Plus it could be ugly and involve additional ownership taxes. That's the limit of my straw grasping and thinking out loud on this one. Good luck

And make sure that the names on the ownership docs, Your DL and your passport match.
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