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I don't think that can battery or sparks... the bike has only 5800km.... here we are in the summer... 30C happens often...
It happens only with cold engine.... after less then 2 minutes after starting it happens no more....

Even if I walkaround gently.... the engine seems to stops.

The idle does not pop pop or fail.... it runs normal, but suddenly stops. looks like you press the kill switch.

I've not noticed that it gots worse on colder times... and as I said, when the engine is hot, it stops...

Will try to reset TPS and see....

If nothing happens, will desinstall the booster plug...

Originally Posted by snooker View Post
This topic has been beat to death but there is still not a SINGLE clear set of answers. Battery, cleaning the idle actuator, doing the throttle positioning sensor "reset dance" with the throttle seem to be the top things that come to mind. However...

Since I too have this problem but only minor and mainly when the season changes to colder weather (like maybe 40 or 50 degrees F or below)... a few months ago I captured all the links to this problem in one place on my big links web page:

Snooker's G650X Links Page - then search for: Issues/Tips

My workaround (not a solution) is to start the bike and ride it (gently) rather than let it warm up. This just avoids watching it die sitting in my driveway over and over as it only dies while on idle. Once it is warmed up it quits happening in my case. And I don't ride in stop and go traffic really so it is not life threatening like for some . Even after I got a new battery (Lithium) and cleaning the idle actuator and doing the throttle "reset dance", it still happens but for me is not a problem.

As everyone will tell you over and over, DON'T UNDERESTIMATE BATTERY ISSUES! This bike is very sensitive to voltage and fluctuations of a weak battery that you may think is ok (since the bike starts up). So get a new one (a good one, Yuasa, Odyssey or LiFePO4 (lithium)) or at least fully charge your battery (AND check voltages before and after, while engine is running) before you try it out.

Daniel, in your case you are in Brazil in the middle of summer so it must be warm there so I wonder... Does it occur EVEN WORSE in colder air temperatures (winter)? Does it stop once the bike engine is warmed up?
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