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MTS1200 maintenance

Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
Go check out Dr Greg's posting on re. his experience with self-servicing his MTS12. He's an experienced Ducati wrench (i.e. he's done Desmo valves on his other Ducs before) and even he threw in the towel. Oil change? Easy peasy. Valve check/adjust? Read Doc's story.....

Since my name popped up, I'll add my $0.02 personally. It took quite a while to get the Multi to the state in the pic below. The next step (according to the FSM, but apparently unnecessary) was to remove the airbox, and this stumped me.

Airbox notwithstanding, from there, you're right, it's "just another 4-valve Ducati." But I guess my poor ol' (65 YO) body just wasn't up to doing it all anymore. So I opted for a maintenance contract from the local dealer. Considering the amount of miles I ride (nominally 20K miles/year) it's a good deal. I still do a lot of "other wrenching" on the thing (I mount tires, for example), so there's still plenty to do.

There is a fellow over on who actually DID the whole service himself, and wrote up a nice description. I'm sure you could find the link.

I keep thinking that there's gotta be a better bike for me, considering how much I ride it (recently retired), but I've test-ridden about everything out there, and I still like the MTS1200S better than any of them.

Just installed the Tuneboy electronic cruise control (love it!), and am almost ready to get a set of Touratech side/top cases (the stock side case mounting doesn't like crashing too well, and I seem to crash a lot), but I figure I should demo the new GS first. I'm sure it'll still feel too big for me, like all the previous GS's I've ridden, but who knows?...

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