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Originally Posted by tonysmallframe View Post
Any ideas on a good starting price? Looking at this bike locally..

"The bike is in perfect shape, always garage kept and never ridden in the rain . The bike has never been down or crashed etc. Last year I had a full tune up on the bike , carbs , valves , front pads etc. ( I have all the records for these and previous owner info)

All oil changes have been done by myself with wix filters at 1500 miles as I always like clean oil in my bikes. The bike simply runs perfectly.

I lowered the handle bars and put a more slim w 650 kawasaki knee pad on the bike , both huge improvements in my opinion. I also painted the tank black ( did not like the blue and silver ) and took off the tank badges ( did not like their aesthetics) . I have all the original parts ( in perfect condition) as well as some extra oil filters

I have to look for the exact mileage but I believe it is around 22k right now"
Hard to tell. It would vary regionally.

$3500-$4kish IMO...maybe $4200. The fact that the owner painted the tank is the reason for my valuation. Did he rattle can the shit, or did he get it professionally done, and I'm not talking MAACO paint job either. A replacement tank isn't cheap. However, you have an opportunity to keep it black or repaint it knowing that it wasn't YOU who changed the original paint scheme of the tank.

WIX filters are generally not recommended.
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