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Originally Posted by Rapid Dog View Post
...I had a chance to take a close look at one 'o them CRF250Leszz the other day.
It might be an O.K. starter bike but disappointing.
It's really cheap-o looking. Welded on peg brackets, lacky fork, looks very Chinesey.
I'm embarrassed for Honda.
It is not a real moto like the WR.
Even the Honda parts guy told me it was just an excuse by Honda to get into the small dualsport market.
Judging by the CR250L thread it seems there are plenty of owners quite happy with the bike. Everyone has different budgets/desires etc... Seems like a nice enough bike to me all things considered. The guy that started the thread where he bought both a wr250r and a crf250l thought the honda actually looked better put together. Anyway to each their own.
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