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Sub Frame for an XS400?

This is probably a bit out in left field but has anyone built a subframe to mount a sidecar on an XS400 Yamaha?

I have an old 1978 XS400 sitting here and an old Velorex Sidecar sitting in the barn and for some reason I was thinking hooking them together could be a fun project. Not that I don't have enough projects already!

One thing that adds a little challenge to this is this is a kick start only bike, so have to keep clearance for that in mind. Another thing is the frame has only a single down tube in the front. Center stand is already off so that is the one good point to start. One other thing I have to watch is the oil filter is right on the front of the engine so need to keep access to that. There are two 8mm bolts for front motor mounts on either side of filter that might be usable.

Might try some P.A.D. work, a cousin to the C.A.D. work some are familiar with.

Not thinking this will be an outfit for high speed Interstate runs just putting around local roads.

C.A.D.-Cardboard Added Design
P.A.D.-Plywood Added Design
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